Create Craft Tutorial Videos to Make Extra Cash

Handpainted Shoes by
Handpainted Shoes by Kilgast
If you make crafts and sell them online on sites like Etsy or at local markets and fairs, you might make even more money teaching others how to make their own crafts. Whether you create custom decorated shoes or make jewelry, someone out there probably wants to learn how to do it too.

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Starting a Band to Make Extra Cash

Starting a band can earn you extra cash. Image by Ghost of Kuji
Starting a band can earn you extra cash. Image by Ghost of Kuji
Starting a band is one of those lifelong dream kinda things, but that doesn’t mean it’s out of your reach. In truth, the likelihood that you’ll hit it big and become the kind of international superstar who performs to sell-out crowds around the globe is really, really low. But if you’re simply looking for a way to get a little extra cash and have some fun, starting a band that plays at weddings, local events and small venues in your region is a real moneymaking possibility. Keep in mind that small bands playing a specific subset of music may end up in more demand than a generic band that tries to play everything- so try to keep a balance between being a generalist and specialist. Think outside the box to find your ideal band- it may be a small chamber music orchestra or a zydeco band or a mariachi band or a tribute band that focuses on music by a small subset of groups from the late 80s. There’s room for all kinds of bands out there, and your community may be particularly lacking in a specific type, leaving a niche you can profitably fill.
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Selling Your Old Stuff on Craigslist

Whether you’re looking to make some quick cash or trying to simplify your life (while trying to make quick cash)- Craigslist is a simple and lucrative way to turn the stuff you own into a bit of extra money. This isn’t a long-term gig (unless you want to turn it into a gig selling OTHER people’s stuff for money- but that’s a similar-yet-different kind of plan)…it IS a way to garner fast cash when you really, really need it, though.

The Practical Part of Selling on Craigslist

The process is pretty straightforward- you pull up your local Craigslist page, click on the category of item you’re selling and follow the directions to list it. It’s a good idea to create an account so you get alerts about your sales and can repost them easily if something doesn’t sell on the first try.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Craigslist

The big advantage is- duh- selling your stuff quickly and getting cash in hand when you need it most (along with getting rid of some clutter.) The disadvantages are that it can be inconvenient to make appointments for people to come pick up stuff and give you the cash, and some things may never sell at all.

Pricing Your Craigslist Items

Pricing might seem like a huge mystery when it comes to Craigslist, but it doesn’t have to be. Search for similar used items in your area or on sites like eBay and price yours about the same. Expect that people will bargain, and plan to get about 10-25% less than the price you ask for.

Finding Items to Sell

The biggest sellers on Craigslist tend to be things like electronics, baby accessories (such as baby swings, monitors, etc.) and camera gear. Things like clothing and books are unlikely to sell because people have plenty of options to get those on the cheap already. Specialty items, such as antiques and collectibles, might do better on a national or international site, such as eBay, because there may not be a huge pool of interested buyers in your town.

Tips for Selling Your Stuff on Craigslist

You’ll get more interest and have better chance of selling at or near your asking price if you make an ad that looks professional. Take a nice photo to post of your item and make sure grammar and spelling in your ad are perfect before you put the ad online. Communicate with potential buyers by email and phone before agreeing to meet them to exchange goods and money- and arrange to meet at a public location (like a coffee shop) if you don’t feel comfortable inviting them to your home.

Tutoring for Cash

Photo by Prime Education
Photo by Prime Education

Take advantage of your expert status or your extensive knowledge about a subject, to make money teaching others one-on-one. Getting work as a private tutor is fairly easy, and there’s plenty of work to be had. Here’s the scoop on tutoring for cash.

What Tutoring Involves

Tutors teach a subject one-on-one to someone who wants to learn it. Tutors can make anywhere from $20 to $100 or more per hour, depending on the subject and local demand. High school or college math tutors are almost always in demand, while tutors for elementary school subjects are less needed because more people have the skills to teach those subjects. Tutoring is an especially lucrative side gig for teachers and for anyone with a college degree in an in-demand subject (such as math, computer science, chemistry, or a foreign language.)

Advantages of Getting Paid to Tutor Kids and Adults

One of the biggest advantages of tutoring as a side job is the flexibility. Tutors set their own hours, and you can schedule tutoring sessions whenever you want. You can also opt to tutor in your home or go to the client’s home- or even schedule a session at the school library or in a local coffeeshop. You can even find tutoring gigs on the web, through online tutoring agencies, or you can opt to tutor through a specialized tutoring center that finds clients for you.

Disadvantages of Tutoring as a Gig

The biggest disadvantage to tutoring as a gig is the lack of reliability (a common trait of side gigs in general.) Students might cancel a scheduled session without giving you advance warning, or they might suddenly quit altogether after months of reliable sessions. Holidays and summers are typically slow because students aren’t in school and spend time with their families instead of studying.  Another disadvantage is that you might have to spend time traveling to each student’s house, which cuts into your hourly rate.

Finding Tutoring Gigs

If you want to succeed at finding tutoring gigs on your own, you’ll need a professional-looking website. Use online sites like Craigslist to find potential clients, providing a link to your website in your ad so interested students can see you’re a professional. You can also bring an informational brochure about your services to local schools to let them spread the word among students who might need some extra help in the subject you tutor.

Tips for Making Money Tutoring

The best tutors- the ones who get recommended to friends of their students- are people who are really good at explaining their subject to people who just don’t get it. Try finding multiple ways to explain the same concept, and learn about the different kinds of learners and how to reach them. Someone who is an auditory learner might need to hear you repeat the concept multiple times, while a visual learner will do better if you write or sketch out the idea on paper for them.

Can You Really Make Money Filling Out Surveys?

You’ve probably seen the email pitches or ads, but are all those “Come make cash filling out surveys” come-ons worth real money? Well, the answer is a qualified yes. Money making surveys definitely are not a scam- marketing departments and agencies use them to get quick data about how real people feel about products and services so they can improve their ads or alter their products in ways that would make more people buy them.

If you’re looking to supplement your income with a little extra cash, then yes, they are worth it. They aren’t likely to become your primary income stream, but you can definitely make enough for an occasional splurge or some stress relief at bill-paying time.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Completing Surveys for Money

One of the big benefits of using surveys as a moneymaker is that you can do it just about anywhere- including while you’re doing something else like watching TV or listening to the radio. The extra infusion of cash into your bank account – and your ability to control how much extra cash you want to make- is another substantial benefit. One disadvantage is that the time you spend doing surveys could possibly be put to better use on more lucrative money-making ventures, especially if you have an in-demand skill that you could convert into a paying gig. Online survey work can also be frustrating at times because you sometimes don’t qualify for surveys you want to take, and finding surveys that interest you could take time if you’re picky. Some survey sites don’t offer cash, but instead offer gift certificates or points you save up to trade in for cash, sweepstakes entries, gift certificates, or specific products. If you plan to spend your money on these things anyway or would be likely to use the gift certificate, these can help you buy the things you need so you can spend your actual cash on other stuff.


How Survey Companies Work

Once you sign up for a survey company, they’ll send you emails when they have available surveys. You can also check the company website for current surveys. You can only take surveys you are qualified for (in the right demographics for), so fill out your profile on each site as completely as you can to qualify for the maximum number of survey opportunities. On the site or in the email you’ll see time estimates and the pay rate for each survey. Once you get good at them, you’ll likely be able to complete surveys much more quickly than the typical 5 to 30 minutes estimated time they suggest.

Tips for Making Money with Surveys

Sign up for a bunch of survey companies, not just one or two. Different companies offer different surveys and some have limits as to how many you can do a day. Maximize your time by completing the maximum on one site, then switching to another site to continue earning without excess downtime. I’d recommend signing up for at least 10 survey sites if you want regular work. with 15-20 sites in your paid survey portfolio, you’ll likely have a regular stream of surveys available and won’t have to worry about unexpected dry spells.


Use a separate email address for your survey emails. Otherwise, they’ll get overwhelming. If you set up a separate account using a free email service such as Gmail or Yahoo mail, you can just dip into that email stream whenever you feel like filling out surveys and earning some extra cash. The rest of the time, you can ignore that email account- and because those emails are separate, you don’t have to worry about important emails getting lost in the flood of survey company ones.

Watch out for scams. Fortunately, scams are usually easy to spot because they ask for upfront money to access the paid surveys. Honestly, it’s easy to find surveys that cost you nothing to access and complete- so paying to make money is a complete waste of both money and time. Follow my general rule for avoiding scams and you’ll be fine: The money always flows TO the worker. (So- if you find money flowing away from you to do ANY kind of gig, then it’s not a real gig)

Summing Up Surveys

Basically, surveys are an easy way to make money while watching TV, but they aren’t a big enough moneymaker to live on full time. Like all gigs, the amount you can earn is dependent on how much you put into it- although you can easily set up a fairly efficient system to keep a steady flow of survey offers coming into your email inbox without exerting too much effort on a day to day basis.


Seven Hobbies You Can Turn Into Gigs

The easiest gig to start is one you are already doing. If you’ve got a hobby, you’re way ahead of the game. Most spare-time activities can be turned into gigs, although it might take some creative thinking to figure out how. To get you started, here are a few specific hobbies that others have successfully used to generate extra cash.
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Gigs Are the New Work Lifestyle

In the modern world a 9 to 5 job just doesn’t cut it anymore. In fact you might have noticed that two or three 9-to-5 jobs aren’t enough to get by nowadays, especially if you have a family to support, debt to pay off, or a hope of someday retiring. That’s where gigs come in.

Gigs are little things you do to make extra cash between paychecks or sometimes instead of paychecks. Traditionally, the term came from music gigs, a one-time booking a band got to play for a crowd, but it’s expanded into being any kind of part-time, temp, or one-off work outside of a traditional job. A gig can be as simple as a hobby that you’ve turned into a money maker, or it can be an elaborate second career that you do in your off hours. Some people turn their gig into a full time pursuit, while others pursue multiple side gigs simultaneously. You might opt to work your gig for a few hours each month, or a few hours everyday. Simply put, a gig is what you make it.

So if a gig is a side venture you do during your down time, what exactly is a sweetgig lifestyle? Ideally, a sweetgig lifestyle is a way to maximize your potential for making money without having to rely on your employer for your entire existence. You don’t have to quit your job to have gigs, although it’s perfectly fine if you choose to go that route. The real point of having a side gig or two is that you know you’ll be OK if a sudden loss of income or unexpected expense throws your budget for a loop. That’s not the only benefit of course. You’ll also gain confidence and a healthy sense of accomplishment as you turn your skills and hobbies into gigs does that help you lead the kind of life you’ve always wanted to.