Weird Things You Can Sell On eBay

weird things you can sell on ebayIn addition to being a great place to make a full-time living selling everything from electronics to collectibles, eBay is also a part-time hobby sales paradise. And for every “of course they sell that on eBay” item, there are loads of weird things you can sell on eBay that you probably never thought of. Here are some of the strangest things we’ve seen for sale on eBay. Maybe you’ll make some extra cash clearing out these items from your own home and putting them up for auction.
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What Do People Mean By “Multiple Streams of Income”?

What Are Multiple Streams of Income?If you’ve spent any time online looking for ways to make extra cash, you’ve probably come across the term “multiple streams of income.”

Essentially, having multiple streams of income means having more than one way to make money.

The multiple streams can be a combination of a full-time or part-time job plus a side gig that provides extra cash on occasion. The waitress who models or acts whenever she lands a gig is one example of this. So is the office worker who sells Avon, the teacher who tutors off-hours and the policeman who works as a private security guard for local concerts.
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The Best Places to Sell Your Clutter for Cash

Sell your old stuff to make money
If you’re looking to make cash quickly, selling off some of your old stuff is a common strategy. Plus, selling unused items in your home is an easy way to get rid of excess clutter.

Before scouring your house or apartment for things to sell, you need to decide how and where you will sell them. If you have a lot of low-value items to get rid of, hosting or participating in a garage sale or rummage sale might be your best option. If you have higher-value things to sell, online sales might work better for maximizing how much money you get for your used items.
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Common Work at Home Scams

Common work from home scams

Work from home scams are unfortunately quite common, and they cause problems in multiple ways. Sorting through scams can take valuable time away when you’re trying to find legitimate paying gigs. Work-at-home scams can also cast a shadow over work at home activities by making some people think all home-based business opportunities are a scam. Here is a list of the most common work at home scams so you can avoid them and get on with your search for work that actually pays.
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