Moneymaking for Introverts:11 Great Gigs that Don’t Require Personal Interactions

When you’re introverted, finding a gig that suits your personality can be difficult. But there are actually quite a few great gigs for introverts that don’t require interacting with the public. Here are some of the best introvert side jobs we’ve found:

  1. Data Entry

Data entry gigs are easy to do at home, but you have to be a quick, accurate typist to succeed. Two companies that sometimes offer this kind of work are SmartCrowd and Working Solutions, and many larger companies post data entry opportunities on their own pages or on nationwide job boards.

  1. Delivery Driver

Shuttling people around might not sound like your idea of a good gig, but what about shuttling items around instead. If you like to drive but don’t want to go the Uber route, you can make extra cash working as a delivery driver. Opportunities include pizza delivery, grocery delivery, restaurant meal delivery and more.

  1. Transcription Work

Transcription gigs abound on the internet, and they’re ideal for introverts because you can sit at home at your computer and make money typing in what others have said. Transcribers make up to $30 per hour, so this can be an exceptionally lucrative side gig. Higher paying transcription jobs often require some medical or legal knowledge. If you want to try transcription, check out TranscribeMe! And Rev.

  1. Email Customer Support Rep

Some customer service is done over the phone, but it’s becoming more common for companies to hire independent representatives to handle problems and questions via email or computerized chats. If you’re a natural problem solver, this could be just the gig you’re looking for. Check out MyLivePro, SiteStaff, and Sedgewick for email and chat jobs.

5. Package handling and inventory control

Retail businesses don’t just need extroverted sales associates. They also need people in the back room packaging items for distribution or shipping, keeping the shelves stocked and organized, or tracking inventory on the computer. All of these gigs are great for introverts, and many stores hire seasonally for various back room jobs. If you’re looking for a long-term moneymaker, backroom stocking can turn into a permanent part-time or full-time gig.

  1. Freelance writing

Freelance writing is another side job you can try that doesn’t involve talking to anyone in person. You can opt to pitch magazines with story ideas, work with an ad agency to write marketing copy, or pick up gigs on a content mill to fill in extra time in your schedule with paying work. There are plenty of possibilities, and the right one for you depends on your availability and how much effort you want to put into marketing your writing.

  1. Pet sitting

If you enjoy the company of animals more than people, try pet sitting to earn extra cash. and Sittercity both let you book pet sitting gigs online.

  1. Doing online surveys and microtasks.

There are plenty of small gigs online that let you make extra cash in small doses. These microtasks aren’t usually suitable for full-time work, but they’re great options for earning supplemental income when you’re an introvert. There are thousands of microtasks listed on sites across the internet every day. Some of the best places to find them include Amazon Turk and Crowdflower.

  1. Sell used items online.

From eBay to Craigslist, there are plenty of places to sell used items online. Collect your wares from thrift shops, garage sales, estate sales or your own attic and post items on the internet to wait for buyers. Some people even make a living selling empty toilet paper rolls and egg cartons online.

  1. Create crafts for sale.

Many introverts love to create items by hand, and there’s a growing market for handcrafted things that you can tap into. Etsy is the biggest player in the handcrafted goods market, but smaller sites such as Aftcra and Zibbet give you other options.

  1. House sitting.

Watching someone else’s house while they’re on vacation or traveling for business is the ideal work situation for some introverted entrepreneurs. Find house sitting gigs on and Trusted Housesitters.

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