Make creative edible cake toppers to sell

Unusual Gig Idea: Make Money Printing Edible Cake Toppers

Have you ever seen a custom cake with a photograph or intricate graphic printed on top? Someone out there is making money producing edible cake toppers for all of those personalized cakes, and it could be you.

How Do People Make Edible Cake Toppers?

Basically, edible cake toppers are made using a printer that puts edible ink directly onto compressed icing sheets. You can create your own designs on a computer, scan in photographs, or use licensed images from popular shows or films (This is what people use to make cakes or cupcakes featuring the characters from Frozen, Minions, Pokemon, The Avengers, or other pop-culture characters.)
While you can use a regular inkjet printer as your cake topper printer, you need to dedicate the printer entirely to that purpose and only use edible inks in it. Switching between edible and regular ink causes cross contamination of the edible ink.

What You’ll Need to Get Started Making Custom Cake Images

The primary thing you’ll need to create your own edible cake toppers is an edible printer bundle, such as the QQink Cake Printer Bundle, which includes the printer, edible inks, and edible sheets to print on. You’ll also need a computer to design and properly size your images for printing. If you plan on using licensed characters, you need licenses from the appropriate trademark owners. Because compressed icing sheets can melt quickly in heat, you need a dedicated refrigerator and freezer to store both the unprinted sheets and the printed cake toppers. If you make cakes as well, you might need a full kitchen for baking. If you’re selling the cake toppers on their you need packaging, shipping, and display supplies to present and ship your custom edibles to buyers.Before you can sell your creations, you might need to get local and federal licenses or permits for selling food items.

Where to Sell Edible Cake Toppers

Once you’ve created a set of appealing cake toppers or set yourself up to handle custom jobs, you’ll need somewhere to sell those specialty food products. Selling online through Amazon or Etsy is an easy way to run your business from a small space. You might also consider selling custom cake toppers locally to bakeries or individual customers who want to add a personalized image to their homemade cakes.

Branching Out into Other Cake Topper Edibles

Fondant figures are another popular cake topper that sells well along with printed edible sheets. Expand your cake topper business with crafty fondant designs you create.


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