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What Is Affiliate Income?

Affiliate income is money that you earn from product links on your blog or website. People visiting your site click on the links and buy items related to your site’s topic.

Bloggers and site owners earn money by getting a small commission or fee for everyone who buys the product after following the link.

Most websites integrate affiliate links naturally into their normal content. So a mommy blog might include links to baby products or toys, while a tech website may affiliate link to electronics and software. In some cases, bloggers write entire reviews about a specific product and put an affiliate link to direct readers to buy the item under review.

Sites that Offer Affiliate Programs

The big player in affiliate income is Amazon, and many bloggers provide links to specific products on Amazon. Commission Junction is a site that lets you put affiliate links from multiple different sellers on your site. Individual manufacturers and brands might have their own affiliate programs, too. You can use more than one affiliate program on your page, but be sure to put up a notice letting site visitors know that the links are affiliate links.

Making Affiliate Links Work for You

Before you can make money off affiliate links, you need to generate traffic for your site. If no one is looking at your pages, no one will be clicking and buying. Generally, you need about 5,000 to 10,000 regular visitors each month to start making any appreciable money from affiliate links. Not every person who visits your site will click on that affiliate link- and very few of those who click will actually complete a purchase. So the more people you can attract, the more likely you’ll be to get those clicks- and sales- that bring in money for you. Writing great content and promoting it across the web is the best way to get eyes to your page- and clicks on your links.

Can You Make a Living With Affiliate Income?

The short answer is yes, you can make a living with affiliate income- but it’s really, really hard.

The longer answer is that affiliate income should probably be just a small part of your overall blog or website income strategy. Use it along with things like pay-per-click ads, digital products, and paid webinars to create an income that you can live on.

Affiliate links are a great tool for a well-optimized website, and they may be worthwhile to include in your portfolio of moneymaking tactics. Choosing the right affiliate programs, integrating the links into quality content, and bringing traffic to your site are all essential if you want to succeed with affiliate links.

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