Make Money Setting Up Lawn Sign Displays

Start a Lawn Sign BusinessLawn greetings make an impressive statement, and entrepreneurs across the country are cashing in on the new trend of setting up lawn displays as a business. The basic premise of this gig is simple: Charge local homeowners and businesses to set up personalized signage on their lawns.

Potential clients for a lawn greeting business might include:

  • New parents who want a yard sign announcing “It’s a Boy!” or “It’s a Girl” on the day they come home from the hospital
  • Families wanting a giant personalized “Happy Birthday” greeting placed on their front lawn on party day
  • Businesses celebrating a special company milestone
  • Someone who wants to propose in a creative way- with giant words popping the question in her front yard

Getting Started with a Personalized Lawn Sign Business

Before you can start selling your services and setting up lawn displays, you need signage. Purchase pre-made signs from a local sign shop or online, or make them yourself if you have the skills. Signs can be made of wood, plastic, or weather-resistant composite materials, and you can start small with interchangeable letters and move on to having graphic signs for different events.

You should practice setting up your signs in different configurations so that when you really need to set up for a client, you can complete the assembly quickly. You should also test your work by bumping and jostling the signs to make sure they don’t fall down in the face of heavy wind or rain.

Determine your rental policies before setting up your first sign. This includes who will be responsible for any damage and how payments are handled. You also need to determine where exactly you will work- and whether you will do custom jobs outside those zip codes if someone pays extra.

How Running a Lawn Greeting Business Works

When you’re running a lawn sign setup and rental business, local clients will contact you after seeing your ads or hearing about you. You’ll work closely with the client to determine exactly what they want their sign to say and when they want it placed and removed.

Sign placement is part of your job, so you might have unusual hours. Most people who order a sign need it placed late at night before the big event or early in the morning before friends or family members have awakened. Since you’re responsible for removal too, this could involve late-night trips out to take signage down from someone’s yard.

Transport and storage of the signs are also up to you- so you need a vehicle and storage space large enough for the biggest sign pieces you own.

When it comes to finding a unique business niche, lawn signs are a fun option. As a new business idea, there isn’t a lot of competition, so establishing yourself as the primary lawn display business in your community can set you up for a long-lasting entrepreneurial career.

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