Make Cash Over the Holiday Break

Make Extra Money During Holiday BreaksYou’ve got time off, but you’ve got no cash. What should you do? Spend your free time making money instead of spending it, of course. Here are some quick ideas for maximizing your vacation break by taking on short-term gigs:

Shovel Snow or Rake Leaves

If your locale gets blanketed with a carpet of white stuff during the holidays, busy people will pay you to get rid of it so they don’t have to. Shoveling snow isn’t the most pleasant of tasks, but all you need is a shovel and outdoor clothing to keep you warm while you work, so there’s no huge investment needed to get started.

If you’re in a warmer climate, raking leaves and sweeping sidewalks clear is an easy way to make extra cash during the winter break. Knock on doors or hand out flyers to find clients.

Babysitting and Pet Sitting

Parents and pet parents often need reliable care for their children or animals during the holiday season. Regular sitters may be out of town or booked up already, making this your big chance to get sitting gigs. You might even be able to make a good impression and turn this into a year-round opportunity.

Rent Your Space or Your Stuff

If you have extra room in your home, consider renting out the space to out of towners who are visiting your area for the holidays. Sites like Air BnB make room rentals simple.

Alternatively, if you have large or expensive equipment at home, renting those could be an option. Generators, stockpots, riding mowers, snow blowers, or other household items could be potentially rentable during the break.

Run Last-Minute Errands

The holidays can get hectic, and people often end up remembering at the last minute that they forgot to buy cranberry sauce for the holiday dinner or happen to be missing a gift for Aunt Sue. Save the day by offering your services as a last-minute errand runner who can stand in line to pick up those forgotten items and deliver them just in the nick of time to clients who have to stay at home watching the kids or cooking the holiday meal.

Christmas Tree Removal and Decoration Removal

Once Christmas is over, many people want to shift into the New Year quickly but dread taking down the tree and decorations. Offer your services taking down holiday decor or un-decorating the tree. If you have a truck, you can offer to haul the tree away for an extra fee.

Christmas Toy Assembly

The last thing most parents want to do on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning is figure out a complex instruction booklet so their kids can actually use their new gifts right away. If you’re handy at assembly, offer to visit homes and put together new bicycles, outdoor swingsets, dollhouses, or other complicated items so parents can enjoy the holidays.

Short-Term Tutoring

Kids who need help in a subject can’t afford two weeks off from learning, but most tutors take a break during the holidays. Offer to help struggling little ones catch up over the break or keep up their practice of piano, French, or math while out of school. This is another gig that can potentially shift into long-term work if you make a good impression and connect well with your students.

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