17 Ways to Make Money From the Holiday Season

Holiday Moneymaking IdeasThe holidays can get expensive, but they can also be a prime time for making a bit of extra cash. From helping others navigate the season to taking advantage of extra time off from your normal job, there are plenty of ways to make money during the Christmas holidays. Hooking yourself up with side gigs for the holidays makes it easy to afford all the presents and participate in all the festivities. Here are 17 of the best ideas for cashing in on the holiday season:

Set Up Christmas Decorations

Many people don’t have time to hang lights or decorate a large tree during the busy Christmas season. Offering your services as a professional decorator can bring in much-needed cash. Other options include specializing in creating displays for other seasonal holidays or decorating store windows for the Christmas season.

Sell Your Holiday Baking

Baked goods are a hit at Christmas parties around the country, but finding time to bake can be tough. Sell cookies, cakes, pies, and more during the holidays and customers will line up to get home-baked goods without having to actually bake anything.

Offer Pet Sitting

Travel plans often don’t involve flying pets across the country for holiday visits, so pet sitting services are in high demand during December. Offer a service to feed and water pets in their own homes or board pets at your place throughout the holidays.

Specialize in Holiday Photography

Many families love sending out yearly Christmas photographs but don’t have the knowledge or equipment to get great-looking shots. Invest in studio gear and seasonal props or find great outdoor locations and offer your services as a professional holiday photographer.

Act as a Personal Shopper

Sell your sense of style by being a personal shopper for professionals that are too busy to spend hours hitting the mall. Create a simple questionnaire for clients to fill out about the intended gift recipient and provide the perfect gift without any hassle.

Drive for Holiday Cash

Your reliable transportation might be in demand during the holidays. Parties and events mean that people need a way home that doesn’t involve driving themselves, so signing up with Uber or Lyft can help you pad your pocket during the holidays.

Sell and Resell Toys

Start a drop shipping service to sell popular holiday toys and cash in on the Christmas frenzy. Some enterprising seasonal entrepreneurs stock up on hit toys before the season gets crazy and then resell those toys on eBay or Craigslist at a higher price. Make sure you know the market well before trying this or you may be left with loads of unsold merchandise on December 26th.

Create Christmas Crafts

Crafters know that Christmas is one of the best seasons for sales. From jewelry to decor, handmade objects make unique gifts. Focus on holiday-themed crafts, such as wreaths and ornaments, to make the most of the season. You can sell your items at local fairs and festivals for fast cash.

Offer Christmas Light Tours

Kids and adults alike love Christmas lights. Arrange your own light tours, complete with a stop for hot chocolate or an hour of caroling, and create a local holiday tradition people will pay for.

Be a Personal Pianist

Live entertainment makes any party more sophisticated, so if you know how to play piano or another instrument, you can hire yourself out as entertainment during events. DJ gigs are also a worthwhile thing to try during the holidays.

Cook Holiday Meals

Preparing a huge meal for Christmas or New Years Day can be a big task, so you can ease the burden by offering delivered meals for the holidays. You might also consider serving as an in-home personal chef during events. Plenty of people need professionally cooked food but don’t have enough guests to justify a full catering staff.

Wrap Gifts for Cash

Make packages prettier with a gift wrapping service. Open a kiosk or booth in a place where people are buying gifts or create a service where you wrap a family’s entire haul of presents in their home or yours. You might also offer temporary storage for an additional fee if parents are trying to hide the wrapped gifts from kids until Christmas day.

Bartend at Parties

Party gigs during the holidays bring in lots of extra cash- and bartending is one of the best party gigs around. People also tend to be in a festive, celebratory mood during the holidays, so you can expect extra tips during this time.

Be an Elf- or Santa Himself

Every mall in the country needs at least one Santa and a bevy of elves during the holidays, so if you like interacting with kids, this can be a big moneymaker for you. You can also team up with local restaurants to host “Breakfast with Santa” events for extra cash.

Score a Seasonal Retail Gig

Retail’s busiest season is Christmas, and this means plenty of opportunities for holiday work. Most retail shops hire extra staff just for the holidays- so you don’t need to commit to long-term work. If you are actually searching for full-time employment, starting as seasonal help can be an easy way to start. Many shops call seasonal employees back as full-time employees when they’re ready to hire people throughout the year.

Sell Christmas Trees

You’ve seen the Christmas tree lots set up in parking lots during the holiday season, but have you ever considered running one? You’ll need to hook up with a tree farm to get your trees, but once you have them, customers are almost guaranteed.

Handle Holiday Returns

Once the holidays end, many people have unwanted gifts cluttering their homes. Offer a service to handle holiday returns and save people time and money by standing in line and making exchanges for them.

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