Weird Things You Can Sell On eBay

weird things you can sell on ebayIn addition to being a great place to make a full-time living selling everything from electronics to collectibles, eBay is also a part-time hobby sales paradise. And for every “of course they sell that on eBay” item, there are loads of weird things you can sell on eBay that you probably never thought of. Here are some of the strangest things we’ve seen for sale on eBay. Maybe you’ll make some extra cash clearing out these items from your own home and putting them up for auction.

Toilet Paper Rolls and Paper Towel Rolls

If you’re throwing away the cardboard rolls from toilet paper and paper towels, you’re tossing money in the trash. Bundling these rolls up in lots of 25, 50, 100, or more rolls at a time can bring in extra cash on eBay. Buyers include school teachers and daycare operators who use these cardboard tubes for kids crafts. 100 rolls can earn you somewhere around $15-20.

Water Bottle Caps

Plastic caps from water bottles or soda bottles are another craft item in demand on eBay. Plastic bottle caps should be clean and dry before you package them in lots of 50 or more to sell online.


You’ll need at least 50 corks to make a profit on eBay. Artists buy them for projects requiring cork. You can make about 10 cents per cork.

Egg Cartons

Crafters and classrooms use egg cartons, but they’re also a popular seller with people who raise their own chickens. Sell in packs of 25-100, and expect to get about $10-15 per 25 egg cartons.

Old Software

Old software is popular with collectors, so sell your old software CDs and floppy discs on eBay to connect your unused software with people who want it. Installation CDs are particularly popular. The price is determined by how hard it is to find the software now and how many collectors still need a copy.

Magazines and Catalogs

Old magazines and catalogs can earn you some extra cash, especially specialty magazines and catalogs from stores or companies that no longer exist. The amount of cash you’ll earn varies, but you can check eBay to see what similar items sold for before deciding what to charge for yours.

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