Fun Ways to Make Extra Cash During the Fall Months

Ways to Make Extra Cash in the Fall. Fun new ideas for making money in the fall.Has crisp fall weather and an abundance of free time while the kids are in school inspired you to start a new moneymaking venture yet? If you’ve been contemplating ways to cash in on autumn, here are some fun ways to make a bit of extra money this fall.

Do Some Fall Cleaning

Spring cleaning gets all the attention, but a full fall decluttering session can give you the double bonus of a tidier house and some cash in hand. Rid your home of things you no longer use and sell that stuff online or at a local fall rummage sale to turn it into quick income.

Sell Fall Landscaping Services

The cooler weather of autumn means more work for homeowners with yards, and you can take advantage of this increased need by offering to rake leaves, pull weeds, or winterize a garden before the real cold weather hits.

Carve Pumpkins for Cash

If your pumpkin carving skills are up to par, offer a pumpkin carving service. Market yourself to local residents and businesses as a professional pumpkin carver. Create a portfolio of pictures of pumpkins you’ve already done so people can order a specific design, or do custom-carved pumpkins. You could also make patterns to sell so others can carve their own pumpkins using your designs, or offer a pumpkin carving class for adults or kids.

Create Tasty Fall Themed Foods

From caramel apples to pumpkin-spice anything, fall foods have a specific flavor profile that many people crave. Capitalize on this trend by making foods for sale that people will pay for. Sell your wares in local stores or open a small stand or booth in a crowded location.

Hire Yourself Out at a Haunted House

Professionally-run haunted houses need actors to portray the various scary characters and to build the sets that keep customers happy with the overall fright level. If you’re particularly ambitious, you can create your own haunted house and get paid to scare people for a few weeks.

Hit the Fall Festival Circuit

Fall is a great festival season because the cooler weather inspires people to come out and enjoy the weather. Open a booth at each local fall festival and sell baked goods or crafts with autumn themes.

Sell Your Services as a Scary Storyteller

Put on a Halloween-inspired costume and hire yourself out as a witch, warlock, vampire, or ghost for Halloween parties and events. Develop an entertainment routine that includes scary stories or songs. You can also offer haunted history tours of your city or town, which you guide while dressed in costume.

Cater Thanksgiving for Busy Families

Start a business making full meals or specific items for holiday feasts. You can set yourself up as a personal cook who comes in and makes all of the food items onsite or prepare multiple meals at a single location and provide day-of pickup so families can come get their pre-made meal and go. Some potential areas of specialization include homemade pumpkin pies, deep-fried turkeys or specialty stuffings.

Offer After-School Programs

Once school is back in session, many kids need extra help or a place to park themselves between dismissal and the end of their parents’ workday. After-school programs run the gamut from tutoring sessions to sports, so you can find a kid-related job that ties in with your own interests and skills. Have an English degree you aren’t using? Tutor grammar and writing, or prep kids for things like spelling bees, the SAT tests and college applications. Former Soccer player? Start a class or league to impart what you know to the next generation of stars.Speak a foreign language? After-school language-immersion programs are extremely popular with parents who want their little ones to be functionally bilingual.

Handle Seasonal Lawn Decorations

Many people love to have a decorated home exterior for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas but simply don’t have the time or creativity to do it themselves. For those people, you can offer a service to handle all of the decorating for each holiday- everything from providing the decorations to full setup and teardown on specific scheduled days before and after the given holiday. You could even offer discounts for people who want to schedule- and pay for- all three holidays at once. Another option is to make seasonal decorations, such as wreaths, lawn figures, and light sets and then sell those items to people who want to do the setup themselves.

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