15 Ways to Make Money with Your Cooking Skills

Make cash cooking from home with SweetGigsIf you’re a whiz in the kitchen, it might be time to turn your cooking skills into cash. Here are 15 of the best ways home cooks can go from hobbyist to professional cook.

1- Bake Cookies, Cakes, Pies, Bread, and More from home.

Turn your oven into a cash-generating appliance by starting up a baking business from home. Home-based bakers can specialize in anything from custom wedding cakes to homemade holiday cookies to traditional breads. Rack up extra money with delivery service or establish a relationship with a local restaurant to provide all of their baked goods.

2- Teach Others to Cook

Give cooking lessons to eager learners either live or via the internet. Differentiate yourself from other cooks with a promise to teach students a specific type of cuisine or focus on absolute beginners.

3- Run a Food Blog

Show off your gorgeous meals with a food blog that provides recipes and tips for people who want to cook at home. Use your blog to sell kitchen gadgets to earn extra cash to stock your own kitchen.

4- Create a Cookbook

Write your own cookbook with recipes you’ve learned over the years or collected in your travels. Include impressive food photography that inspires others to try making your favorite meals.

5- Operate a Food Truck

Take your cooking business on the road with a local food truck that serves up tasty meals and snacks. Stock your truck with everything you need to make a few specific food items and park near businesses during lunch hour, late-night party spots, or weekend festivals to start selling to the crowds.

6- Start a Catering Business

If you’re good at cooking in bulk, catering may be a career for you. Develop a reliable repertoire of recipes you can prepare and market your services for weddings, events, parties, movie sets, and more.

7- Host a Dinner Party for Strangers

Sites like EatWith, NewGusto, and Feastly connect people who want great meals with cooks who schedule themed dinners. Set up a dinner party in your own home or at an event space you book. Diners pay the site directly, so you get paid after the meal.

8- Juice Your Way to Monetary Success

Open a temporary juice stand or cart serving fresh juice to thirsty people at a park or playground. Or make fresh juice to sell in the refrigerated case at your local cafe.

9- Be a Personal Chef

Make meals for singles, couples, or families in their homes to earn money while doing what you love. Make a name for yourself and draw customers by offering samples at local home or family-focused events.

10- Create Cooking Videos

Make Youtube videos showing a recipe from start to finish. Long-format videos similar to cooking shows on TV can quickly build a following if you make preparing a meal entertaining. Short time-lapse videos are a new video trend that has lots of viral-video potential. Monetize your videos with ads to get cash every time someone views one.

11- Give Custom Food Tours

Take visitors on a trip to local markets, independent small farms, or specialty food stores, then bring them back to your home or office to cook a meal using items you purchased along the way.

12- Make Box Lunches for Professionals

Cater to the 9-to-5 crowd with home-prepared boxed lunches hand delivered to offices around your local CBD. Create easy-to-use online order forms to add convenience to workers’ lunch time routines.

13- Run a Concession Stand

Contract with your local ball park to run a concession stand serving hot dogs, hamburgers, popcorn, and other treats to teams and fans during recreational games and practices.

14- Create a Candy Business

Make lollipops or chocolates in fun shapes to sell online or at fairs and festivals. Hand-made artisan candies that can handle the shipping process can be sold to customers around the globe.

15- Cook for Four-Legged Friends

Combine a love of cooking and a love of pets with a food business aimed at canine or feline customers. From doggie ice cream shops to custom kitty treats, there are plenty of ways to create kitchen magic aimed at your customers’ four-legged friends.

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