What Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, and Aspiring Business Owners Can Learn from Bernie Sanders

While Clinton was once presumed to be the automatic Democratic nominee for the 2016 Presidential race, Bernie Sanders has spent the last few months creating a groundswell of support that’s put him solidly in the running for the nomination.

Whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, if you’re an aspiring business owner or entrepreneur, Bernie’s campaign can be a source of inspiration for your personal efforts. Here are some of the lessons you can translate from Bernie’s political campaign to your business efforts.
1- Use Social Media to Your Advantage. Bernie hit the ground running with social media, and he’s made it a huge part of his campaign. If you want to be a success in the modern world, you have to know how to use Facebook, Twitter, and a variety of other social media sites to get information to your potential customers.
2- Empower Your Most Avid Fans to Spread the Word About You. Bernie Sanders didn’t get much media attention at first, so he needed his fans to let others know about his campaign. Find your own true fans- the ones who like telling others about you and what you’re selling or creating- and interact directly with those fervent fans.
3- Dream Big. While critics of Sanders complain about a lack of actionable steps in his proposals, no one claims he doesn’t dream big. And part of his appeal is that he dares to speak his vision about how the world should be instead of settling on half-measures. In business, you can also share your biggest, most exciting dreams to get people excited. You might not be able to accomplish them all, but excitement can build momentum that helps you achieve more than you would have expected.
4- Be Authentic. Bernie stays true to himself and doesn’t change with the wind like many political candidates do. People love authenticity in companies, too. Develop a core set of values for your brand, and stick with those values so people know they can rely on you to deliver what they need, whether that means friendly, helpful service every time they call you to be their Uber driver or a clear, reliable return policy for items purchased at your art fair booth. Authenticity is what drives people to stick with you in the long term and convinces them to recommend you to friends.
5- Develop a Clear Sense of Purpose. Bernie’s campaign is built around the idea of fairness and equality for all. His policy ideas are focused on this, and his message is always on target. Brands and individuals can also have a clear sense of purpose. Make sure you get yours across in all of your marketing materials, social media efforts and conversations about your business.

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