What is Temporary Seasonal Work?

Search for seasonal temporary work before the season starts.
Search for seasonal temporary work before the season starts.
If you’re unemployed or looking to add on a reliable extra part-time gig that ensures a steady income for a few weeks or months but don’t want a full-time permanent job, temporary seasonal work might be for you.

Just as the name implies, temporary seasonal work is both short-term and dependent on the particular season. The Christmas holidays are a big time for seasonal temporary work, but there are plenty of seasonal opportunities available all throughout the year.

Working in a store as a cashier, sales associate or inventory specialist are common seasonal job opportunities. Almost every major retail chain hires temporary workers during the winter holidays, typically for the period between Halloween and New Years Day. Specialty stores might also hire temporary seasonal workers during other relevant holidays. A costume shop usually needs extra help during the months of September and October, while jewelry stores, card shops and high-end candy stores might hire extra temporary workers in the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

Other seasonal work comes in the form of specialty lots and booths that pop up at specific times of year. Christmas tree lots need seasonal workers between Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, while fireworks stands in towns that allow fireworks hire people to work in the few weeks leading up to New Years Eve and the Fourth of July.

In certain tourist locations, temporary seasonal jobs start and end during the busiest tourist seasons. A ski hill needs workers only during the snowy season, while swimming pools typically hire lifeguards each summer. Event planners, farms, and parks also hire seasonally.

When it comes to getting a temporary seasonal job, treat the application and interview process just as you would a regular job. In some cases, a seasonal job might lead to a permanent offer or temporary callbacks during other busy periods.

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