What Are Some Other Sites Like Amazon mTurk?

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Whether you’re a Turker looking to branch out or just want to explore other alternatives to Amazon mTurk, here are a few sites that give you other crowdsourcing options.


Microworkers pays workers for a lot of social media jobs, such as following a Twitter account or liking a Facebook page. They also pay people to leave comments on websites. Like Amazon mTurk, Microworkers offers tasks that tend to be quick and easy to complete, so they’re great for stay-at-home moms who want to do a few tasks during the baby’s nap or people who are often on the go and like to complete jobs between other gigs. Some tasks are only available for US workers, while others accept workers from all over the world. Basic jobs are accessible to everyone, but there are also Hire Group jobs that are limited to people who have high scores on a specific type of task. These usually pay better than the basic jobs but you need to be picked to be on the team first.


OneSpace, which was formerly known as Crowdsource until they changed their name in late 2015, primarily offers writing and data tasks, and they’re one of the highest paying crowdsourcing opportunities out there. One major project that has been going on for the past few years is a writing gig to provide answers to questions for a popular question-and-answer site online. Keyword projects and transcription projects are also commonly spotted on the site. OneSpace pays every day via Paypal, so you get your money quickly. Most jobs require specific qualifications before you can start working.


Crowdflower has a massive pool of workers and almost always has plenty of tasks available. The tasks tend to run toward data collection and categorization most of the time, but you might also find things like writing gigs and surveys. Tasks can be accessed through a variety of different broker sites, so how many jobs you see and how soon you can get your money depends on which service you’re using to access tasks.

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