What’s the Big Deal About Millennials and Freelance Gigs?

A few months ago, we posted about how gigs are the new lifestyle choice for lots of millennials, and how changes in the way people work has made the gig economy a real force in the workplace. That article Why Gigs Are Extremely Important for Millennials drew a lot of interest, and left many with questions about the phenomena.

Fortunately, plenty of other sites have also weighed in on the link between millennials and the gig economy. Here are some of the things they’ve been saying, which helps clarify how big gigs really are for Generation Y.

According to an article in the New York Times, many Millennials opt to take on multiple gigs because they want both a reliable paycheck and creative freedom. One way members of Generation Y achieve this balance is by opting for a balance of gigs that bring in steady work and gigs that let them pursue a fun career without committing to it full-time.

Forbes predicts the end of the 9-to-5 job as Generation Y increasingly pieces together a life of gigs. According to the article, about 60% of millennials stay in a given job for less than three years, and factors such as making an impact on the world and workplace flexibility beat out salaries and stability when it comes to choosing jobs.

Fast Company calls the Millennials “the first generation of freelance natives”- and the name fits the statistics. The best news from this article is that over 80% of young freelancers are optimistic about their future work opportunities and the lifestyle the gig economy affords them.

Even the government has something to say on the matter, according to Style Weekly. Some officials are starting to wonder how the US economy is going to respond to the gig economy and whether new regulations are needed to protect young people who rely on gigs for their income.

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