Ten Gigs for People Who Love Kids

Top 10 Gigs for People Who Love KidsIf you’re looking to combine your love of kids with your love of moneymaking ventures- you’re in luck. There are plenty of ways you can blend the two- and most of these gigs are fairly easy and low-cost to begin.

Here are 10 of the most popular gigs for people who love kids:

1- Babysitting. Go it alone via recommendations from parents you know personally or sign up to be a sitter through an agency such as Sittercity.

2- Entertainer. If you’re a whiz at magic tricks or can sing silly songs that keep kids happy- channel your energies into entertaining at birthday parties, daycare centers or summer camps.

3- Tutor. Help kids reach their full potential by tutoring children in subjects you’re good at. Math, science and foreign language tutors (including English as a Second Language) are always in demand.

4-Teach a Skill. Set up cooking classes for kids, give piano lessons, or teach sewing to youngsters. Whatever skill you already have, you can earn extra cash teaching it to kids whose parents want them to learn.

5-Party Planner. If you can set up a party and keep it going smoothly, you’ll be in big demand as a party planner for children’s parties.

6-Childproofing Homes. Set your focus on keeping kids safe by serving as a childproofing consultant for new parents who need help making sure their home is safe for a new arrival.

7-Baby Spa. Open a baby spa where moms can come learn how to give a baby massage and infants with skin problems can get soothing treatments.

8-Home-based Child Care. Licensing and regulations vary by state and city, but if you have what it takes, taking care of other people’s kids in your home can be a fulfilling and lucrative business.

9-Child Photography. Parents love pictures of their kids, and if you can produce professional portrait or outdoor shots you can make money making kids smile

10- Youth Sports Coach. Use your love of kids and your sports knowledge to teach children the basics of your favorite sport.

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