Why Gigs are Extremely Important for Millennials

If you’re a Millennial (also known as Generation Y), you’re probably already familiar with the bad news. Jobs for your age group aren’t what they used to be- and millenials’ prospects for the future aren’t good.

As some examples, Millennials:

  • Are the first generation not to make more money than their parents
  • Have almost double the unemployment rate of the general population (It’s somewhere between 14 and 18% for under 25s compared to about 7% for the whole population)
  • Are often underemployed (have part time work or low-wage jobs instead of full-time positions with benefits)
  • Often can’t find jobs that match their degrees and work experience (and have to take low-skill boring jobs instead)


While this all may sound like *really* bad news…it doesn’t have to be on a person-by-person basis. The key, of course, is to take charge of your own career options and build an income that isn’t dependent on someone else’s largess.

One of the big benefits of focusing on gigs instead of chasing low-wage jobs in the pursuit of paying your bills (or paying off your school loans) is that with gigs, you can actually do something you find meaningful. One of the great strengths of the Millennial generation is that these up-and-coming workers put a priority on having lives with meaning. Whether that turns into making documentary films that introduce others to a cause that is dear to your heart or turning your eye for floral arranging into a career that lets you spread heart-touching romance across your city, it’s never been easier to make your mark in your own individual way.

To be honest- I’m not a Millennial myself (I fall a few years earlier in the Gen X group)- but a lot of my friends and cousins are. I feel like as a generation, the Millennials have tons of promise- and more challenges than maybe ever before. I’m interested in how this generation feels about employment and how different it is from the Gen X and Baby Boomer views… and I’m eager to see how this huge group of Millennials (one of the largest generations ever!) transform the whole concept of work.

If you’re a Millennial, have you found it easier to go the gig route instead of taking a full-time job or are you considering making the switch from regular employment to meaningful gigs?

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