Seven Hobbies You Can Turn Into Side Gigs

Seven Hobbies You Can Turn Into Gigs

The easiest gig to start is one you are already doing. If you’ve got a hobby, you’re way ahead of the game. Most spare-time activities can be turned into gigs, although it might take some creative thinking to figure out how. To get you started, here are a few specific hobbies that others have successfully used to generate extra cash.


From magazines to online sales portals and blogs, the need for well-written content is growing so fast it’s hard to keep up. Turn your skill for writing creative copy into cold hard cash by pitching articles, writing for content companies, or striking out on your own as a local copywriter.


If you enjoy crafting, try selling your creations at local fairs and festivals or online through platforms such as Etsy or Ebay.


Home cooks can turn profiteroles into profits by selling homemade baked goods to local restaurants, establishing a home-cooked-meal delivery business, or teaching cooking skills through a local extension program.


Growing your own food can both save you money and provide a convenient extra stream of income. Sell fresh or canned foods from your garden at a local farmer’s market or sell plants you’ve grown from seed to people who want to learn how to garden. You can also hire yourself out to handle others’ gardens when they are out of town.

Foreign Languages

Foreign language skills can help you get or keep a regular job, and bilingualism is also a salable skill. Take on a temporary translation or interpretation gig, or help teach new learners the skills they need to develop fluency.


Make the most of your musical ability by booking gigs to play at local venues. If you don’t have the time or desire to be a full-time band member, you might be able to find fill-in gigs that let you earn a little extra cash when a regular band member isn’t able to make their normal gig.


Earn money while you spend money by becoming a mystery shopper. You can also earn money as a personal shopper if you have impeccable taste and a knack for finding just the right gift for a wide range of personalities.


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